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Boredom Buster Six

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Boredom Buster Episode


Boredom Buster Episode 3

We are loving creating these Boredom Buster episodes! We hope you are enjoying them just as much as we are!

For our third Boredom Buster, we picked up another favorite book of ours from the toy store. 

This will get you outside, listening, and observing what you see! 

We'll give you a hint; we have 19 common types of this animal! 

Any guesses....??

Yes! It's birds! 

While this book is "for the birds" - it's not...."for the birds"...!! 

*ba dum tss* 

Okay...okay. We'll save the corny jokes for harvest season! 

Enjoy our latest Boredom Buster, and let us know what you think! 


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