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$ 12.99

WOWmazing Giant Bubble Concentrate Refill - South Beach Bubbles

When you think of bubble solution, think of WOWmazing™ bubble concentrate! The only bubble solution sold in the USA that is made in the USA. The WOWmazing™ bubble concentrate will keep the party going! It was specially formulated for creating giant, high flying and long-lasting bubbles. The set includes 3 pouches that will make hundreds of WOWmazing™ bubbles. Use one pouch at a time and simply add 1 pouch of WOWmazing™ bubble concentrate to 1 quart (4 cups) of tap water.

$ 16.99

WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kit - South Beach Bubbles

  • Unimaginably Giant Bubbles: These giant bubble wands create long, GIANT bubbles thanks to a 2-handle design, which has been used to set every big bubble world record in the last 30 years. Passers-by will be sure to say "WOW... Amazing"!
  • Bubble Powder Made in the USA! The WOWmazing Giant Bubble Powder is made right here in America so you can trust you're getting a high-quality, reliable product.
  • Complete Kit with 3-pack Bubble Powder: Contains everything you need to create bubbles that are big, colorful, and fun: a set of giant bubble maker and 3 packets of WOWmazing Giant Bubble Powder. Each will make an entire 1 gallon of WOWmazing Bubble Solution. Use one packet at a time and simply add 1 packet powder to 1 cup of detergent (Dawn, Joy, Fairy, Palmolive, 7th Generation, Method, or Mrs. Meyer's) and 16 cups of tap water.
  • Best Quality Giant Bubble Blower: Designed to last for kids and families alike, this big bubble maker is a lightweight, durable, colorful outdoor toy for boys and girls that is easy to use even for young preschool children.
  • Outdoor Family Fun: A wonderful birthday activity or gift for boys & girls of all ages, parents can let kids play with the large bubble wands in the backyard, park, or beach. Teachers can use it for science class at school.

Made in United States of America

X-Treme Stomp Rocket Kit - D&L Company
$ 19.99$ 27.99

X-Treme Stomp Rocket Kit

  • The ultimate in Stomp Rocket performance! 100% KID powered: Run, jump and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 400 feet in the air -- that's longer than a football field, including the end zone.
  • Includes a Stomp Launcher and 6 X-Treme Rockets with flame stickers to apply. No batteries required; easy, fast assembly.
  • Take Stomp Rocket to the park or on vacation, and you’ll be amazed at how many children and adults want to play! Great for year round fun to get kids away from screen time and more active outdoors.
  • Award-winning products from industry experts, including iParenting Media, Dr. Toy, and Creative Child Magazine
  • Pair with Stomp Rocket Science book and get kids interested in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) early. Ages 9 and up
$ 6.99

Zipperbite - Dreams USA

From the makers of Cable Bites® comes the newest trend for you to sink some teeth into. Zipperbites™ are funky animal friends who attach to zipper pulls so your fashion is always fresh! Available in 10 styles, these easy-to-install critters are trendy accessories for kids of all ages. Attach them to jackets, backpacks, purses, or anything with a zipper.

$ 18.99

Zoey Koko Body Butter

Zoey Koko founder Sara Ferrer utilizes her expertise in product formulations to create a skin friendly line of fun bath & body products for girls with a brand message that promoted girl power and confidence.

Unicorn Glitter Body Butter - A #1 Seller! The Unicorn Glitter Body Butter leaves your skin feeling sparkly smooth. A cotton candy scent tops off the unicorn experience. Time to conquer the world! Available in 4 ounce jar.

Mermaid Body Butter - The Shimmering Mermaid Body Butter leaves your skin feeling smooth (and sparkly with our eco friendly glitter!). A black raspberry scent completes the mermaid experience. Available in a 4 ounce jar

Watermelon Body Butter - Craving Summer vibes? Experience a swirl of soft pink and green topped with iridescent glitter and the juiciest watermelon scent. Loaded with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, this rich lotion will leave you and your skin smiling from ear to ear. Available in 4 oz.

Black Raspberry Body ButterFeel like a queen as you experience this royal purple creamy swirl topped with iridescent glitter and a luscious black raspberry scent. Loaded with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, this rich lotion guarantees loads of smiles and happy skin. Available in 4 oz.

Rainbow Sherbet Body Butter - Who doesn’t love a creamy lotion topped with pink glitter and a tropical fruit scent? Dive into our colorful, hydrating body butter swirl that is loaded with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, guaranteeing happy skin and loads of smiles. Available in 4 oz.

$ 6.99

Zoey Koko Damage Free Hair Ties

Hair need a pick me up (literally)? Unicorn Sparkles and Mermaid Braids Hair Ties to the rescue! Each card contains 5 glittery, colorful hair ties to make every day a great hair day.

$ 9.99

Zoey Koko Kid Friendly Nail Polish

Fun Fact: Our quick dry nail polish does not contain the harmful “toxic trio” ingredients (Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde), commonly found in commercial nail polish. Paint and play with no worries!

Assorted Colors Available

$ 8.99

Zoey Koko founder, Sara utilizes her expertise in product formulations to create a skin friendly line of fun bath & body products for girls with a brand message that promoted girl power and confidence. 

Zoey Koko Pinky Promise Glitter Gel - Take sparkle to the next level with our Aloe Vera based gel that combines shades of pink and orange glitter! Use on hair, face or body.

Purple Crush Glitter Gel- Take sparkle to the next level with our Aloe Vera based gel that combines shades of purple, blue and green glitter! Use on hair, face or body.

2 oz Pinky Promise

2 oz Purple Crush

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