Mornings Week 6 Art & Crafts Summer Camp

Deb Peery

Mornings Week 6 Art & Crafts Summer Camp

$ 10.00


July Art & Craft Summer Camp 

We will, once again, use the fabulous art curriculum and Deep Space Sparkle for all of our art & crafts summer camp classes. Classes are set-up by age and if you need to group your kiddos together it is better to bring the older kids to the younger kid's classes. If younger kids are brought to older kid's classes they will not be able to do the project. All art and craft activities are based on skill development levels for each group. It is always easier to bring the older ones to the younger group.

The Women in Art classes celebrates the creativity of ten unique and inspiring female artists. Historically, women’s contributions to the art world have been denied the focus and fame they deserve. Women artists have faced challenges in getting their art seen and taken seriously.
When we pay attention to the work of women artists, we get to see a unique perspective on the world that tells a story of injustice, asks us to look for truth and beauty or introduces fresh design ideas. Teaching our students about artists who are women will bring understanding that everyone has a place in artistic creation.
The Women in Art lessons and resources include simple material projects, layered collages, sculptures, worksheets and a slide deck that all feature incredible women in art! 
All classes/projects are 1 hour long, twice a week for 1 week. Each project is designed from start to finish within this time period. Sign-up for 1 week or all 12 weeks. Cost is $10 per week, per child. Please check dates and times as we do not offer refunds however, we do offer credits towards future classes.


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