Molkky by Tatic Games


Molkky by Tatic Games

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Molkky game originates from Finland in 1996. This game is based on a Finnish throwing game which consists of 12 numbered sticks and one throwing stick. It is a very easy game to learn and can be enjoyed by both young and old.

 Wooden Throwing Molkky Game Set is a family friendly lawn game for all ages. The insanely addictive outdoor throwing game from Finland. Molkky can be played on grass, gravel, beach, dirt or any outdoor surface. All you need is an outdoor space, a few friends, and a Molkky set, so invite all of your friends to play. It makes a perfect outdoor gift for anyone.

Easy to Carry and Store!!

The Molkky Game Set comes with a sturdy wooden box that it comes in to hold all the pieces, which makes for easy storage, and can helps you to easily carry to your next group outdoor event.

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