Buffalo Games & Puzzles - Flip Tricks - Bottle Flip Challenge

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Buffalo Games & Puzzles - Flip Tricks - Bottle Flip Challenge

This game is inspired by the bottle flipping social media movement. Gain points by completing bottle flip tricks. The harder the trick is, the more points you get! Play solo and master the flip or battle others head-to-head. From the basic 360 flip to the advanced behind the back flip.

  • Custom built bottle specifically for "bottle flipping" delivers over 10x longer bottle life - flat base and cap allow you to stick the landing - hourglass shape delivers a consistent aerodynamic flip
  • Includes 24 Trick challenge cards each detailing a flip Trick with an assigned point value based on level of difficulty. Try the robot claw flip, the rodeo flip, the Skinny Rail flip and many more!
  • Take the challenge to the next level with multiplier cards. Aim for the target cards, land a Trick on top of the target card and earn bonus points. Land any Trick 2x, 3x or 5x in a row and score big!
  • 6 different ways to play including: Single player game, (3) Head-to-head games - Knockout, Mano Y Mano and Team UP!, (2) Multiplayer games - First to 50! And Battle Royale

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