Storyline: Scary Tales Board Game

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Continue your own fanciful adventure stories with the spooky addition of scary tales, the second installment of storyline! In this simple, beautifully-illustrated card game, three to eight players create a story together, with each player contributing characters, places, objects, and events to the narrative. Two narrator decks and over a hundred story cards are included to provide ample replayability, and scary tales introduces cards to add fright and mystery to your tales. Will your villain be a wicked vampire or a Mad scientist? Will their lair be in a mysterious swamp or a haunted Chapel? Prepare yourself for a frightful evening; this story is yours for the telling!

  • Adds 30 new narrator cards and 100 new illustrated story cards to your storyline games
  • Playable as standalone or fully compatible with other storyline products
  • Creative and evocative art adds to the spooky nature of the game
  • With thousands of different card combinations, you’ll never have the same story twice

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