DJECO Family Gaspard & Romy


DJECO Family Gaspard & Romy

$ 25.00

DJECO Family Gaspard & Romy: This sweet family of dollhouse inhabitants is right at home in our gorgeous contemporary Djeco Petit Home Doll Houses.  Play with them in either the Cubic House or the Color House, or in an existing doll house you already own.

The Gaspard and Romy Petit Home family of dolls include a mother, father, daughter and son, all dressed up in beautiful and stylish clothing. But don't forget the baby!  Baby Lolly (solid separately) is a part of the family too.

  • 4 years and above (all the way to adult!)
  • Sized to fit our beautiful Djeco doll houses (Cubic House: 48.5cm x 32.5cm x 31cm; pitched roof Colour House: 40cm x 40cm x 39cm)
  • Created from molded plastic and fabric
  • Designed in France. Manufactured to strict quality and safety standards. Meets both European and Australian requirements

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