Squishable's Mini Narwhal Plush

$ 22.99

Squishable's Mini Narwhal Plush

Narwhals are not mythical! Why does no one believe me about this one? Does that sweet little face just seem too cute? Does the adorable spotted hide seems just too polka-dotted to be real? Does the unicorn horn seem extremely unlikely? It shouldn't! The elusive Arctic Toothed Whale is too awesome to be a legend.

Truly, it is up to us to spread the word about Narwhals, but whipping one out at the least provocation might be tough to do with with an animal that can grow to 15 feet long. This is just the right size for demonstrating the adorable truth to unbelievers. It also doubles as a projectile to throw at them if they persist in their non-believing ways. 7 inches of non-mythical aquatic mammal, ages 3 and up, all new material

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