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SmartMax Build & Connect

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SmartMax Build & Connect 

Product Description

Stretch your magnetic construction possibilities even further!

SmartMax spheres and bars connect to each other in seemingly endless configuration possibilities to provide little ones with a creative construction experience that's easy and fun.

Add in the special clamps, extendable bars, and screw-mounted metal spheres and suddenly the construction fun is stretched beyond belief!

Use the clamps to hang your brilliant structures perilously from tables and chairs. Grab the two extendable bars to push your creations to new levels of size and stability.

Never let gravity inhibit your creativity again!

And... Just in case you were a little low on creativity in the first place, there's a special idea guide included to help you get inspired.

Lightweight, bulky, strong, and still fully compatible with all other SmartMax sets - Little creators never want to stop building and exploring once they get their hands on the SmartMax Build and Connect set.

SmartMax Build & Connect
  • Set of magnetic rods and connecting spheres with added clamps and extenders
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, logic, creativity
  • Stretch SmartMax creativity to a new level of excitement!
  • Bulky shapes easy for little hands to grasp and control
  • Suspend creations from tables and chairs using the clamps
  • Create bigger, more stable structures using the extendable bars
  • Combine with other SmartMax sets to extend creativity beyond belief
  • Includes 16 medium bars, 4 long bars, 2 red clamps, 2 extendable bars, 4 metal balls with screws, 6 metal balls
  • Illustrated idea guide included
  • Fully compatible with all other SmartMax sets
  • For reference, medium bars measure 2.75 inches long
  • High quality design and construction with strong materials for lasting durability

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