Wacky Tracks

Rhode Island Novelty

Wacky Tracks

$ 6.50

Tactile, sensory fun, the packaging encourage people to click, bend and snap. Bend, form and click this articulated plastic chain into all kinds of creative shapes, letters numbers or just fidget. Assorted colors. 5yr plus.


  • Fidget & Sensory Toys - Snap & Click wacky track allows links to change into any shape, keeping your child's hands busy for hours and helping to improve bad habits away from the screen
  • Enhance Development Abilities - Build and shape the chain in lots of different ways ,can enhance intellectual development, exercise eye-hand coordination and enhance imagination development for kid.
  • Keep Focus - Play with Keep the kids FOCUSED and RELAXED saying goodbye to boredom, anxiety or nail biting while also giving you some well deserved time to breath.
  • Keep Calm - This wacky tracks toy helps relieve stress, restore your mood, and creates a fun atmosphere. Helps you calm down and regain focus in even the most stressful of situations.

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