Illustrator: Flak, Erika 
Author: YOU! 

A richly illustrated children's book - with no words in it - awaiting any author's original story. There are lines on the pages for all of you kids (and grown ups) to handwrite your own children's books. In each textless book, a collection of colorful and connected images tell a visual story, on the twenty illustrated page, while YOU (the author) tell a written story. After you WRITE YOUR STORY, you can PUBLISH YOUR STORY. Navigate to the Book Builder on this website and type your tale into the text fields of the interactive digital version of your book. Then order hardcover or softcover copies to hold, read, share, give and cherish forever. Each published book is unique and includes space for your bio and a photo of you! Printed in the USA. Currently shipping is not available out side the continental United States.

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