Yellow Scope Acids, Bases & pH: Cabbage Chemistry

$ 29.99

Yellow Scope Acids, Bases & pH: Cabbage Chemistry

  • LEARN THE BASICS - The 24-page lab notebook and 24 piece toolkit teach 8-12 year-old girls the basics of acid-base chemistry, pH scale, and neutralization.
  • AWARD-WINNING - Won a Parents' Choice Gold Award and was 2017 Finalist for Toy of the Year.
  • 19+ EXPERIMENTS - The detailed lab notebook outlines 19+ colorful and fun experiments that encourage girls to explore acids and bases in the world all around them. It also includes fun facts, quizzes and a "Be A Maker" chapter that shows girls how to make their own acid-base indicator and pH paper at home.
  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL GIFT - This kit makes a great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (STEM + Art) gift that will get girls excited about science.
  • INCLUDED - 24-page lab notebook, safety goggles, 2 test tubes, concentrated red cabbage powder/indicator, 7 small measuring cups, 6-well experimental palette, dropper pipette, 5 filter papers, 5 toothpicks, “Think Like A Girl” pencil, and collectible science pin.

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