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Art Gallery
Please find below the provided links to view samples of my artwork. The gallery is constantly evolving and expanding with each passing season, offering new additions and fresh perspectives. Most paintings can be done in canvas sizes from 8" X 8" up to 16" X 20". Pricing is based on the size of the painting, complexity of design, location, and size of the event. Gallery wrapped canvases are available upon special request. 
Fall and Halloween Art Gallery
Winter and Christmas Art Gallery
Florals Art Gallery
Landscapes and Seascapes Art Gallery
Animals Art Gallery
Holiday Art Gallery (Easter and 4th of July)
Art for a Kid's Birthday Parties
Art for a Date Nights
The gallery provides a diverse range of artwork, for all levels of artists. From never having picked up a brush to the expert. It is my hope that by browsing these pieces you'll find the pieces that resonate with your group. 
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