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$ 9.99

1001 Things to Spot in the Sea

A colorful picture book brimming with things for children to find, count and talk about. Readers will delight in discovering the secrets of the sea, whether spotting whales on the horizon, looking for fish in a coral reef or searching for coins on a deep-sea dive. Helps develop vital word and number skills.

$ 4.99

12" Wooden Jacob's Ladder - Rhode Island Novelty

  • Wooden Jacobs ladder
  • Each piece shrink wrapped
  • Develop hand skills
  • Great for the classroom
  • Perfect game prize
  • Ages 3+
2 Sided Black & Whiteboard, City 2 Sided Black & Whiteboard, City
$ 20.00$ 40.00

2 Sided Black & Whiteboard, City by DAM LLC

Give your creativity free reign with this double-sided drawing board!

On one side you can let loose on the blackboard, while on the other you can color with markers and stick magnets on a fun city-themed or safari-themed Scratch drawing.

The magnetic board is designed so that it can easily be used on a table, and its user-friendly extension system handily allows you to set it up in three different positions.

You can become a true drawing champion thanks to this compact drawing board made of sustainable wood. 

  • Unique reversible wooden feet
  • Easy to set-up in various positions: high angle, low angle, flat on your lap
  • Stable
  • The magnetic side is not the usual white. Instead it has the Safari or the City decor
  • Feet fold flat, so easy to take along
  • Comes with colored chalk and a whiteboard marker


3 pcs chalk and 1 marker pen, in wood

3 Water Brush Pens - Bright Stripes 3 Water Brush Pens - Bright Stripes
$ 7.99$ 9.99

3 Water Brush Pens - Bright Stripes

Easy grip watercolor tools with a plastic tube container. Three different brush heads for easy blending and shading.

3-in-1 Fishing Game 3-in-1 Fishing Game
$ 24.99$ 32.99

3-in-1 Fishing Game by DAM LLC

Dive into Scratch’s lovely underwater world and discover three educational maritime games!

  1. Fishing game: Cast your fishing line to catch the loveliest wooden fish in the sea with your magnetic float. Count up the collected fish or the points on the back of the fish to figure out who’s won!
  2. Dominoes: Put on your swimming goggles and explore the underwater world as you look for twin fish and make a long ribbon of all the cards. Or flip all the cards over and place the ones with matching numbers of fish together.
  3. Pairs: Take turns flipping over two cards each and be the first to collect all the matching sea creatures.

Play these three challenging games by yourself or as a group and train your short-term memory.

For everyone aged 18 months and up.


12 fishes with points 6x4x0.5cm (magnetic, in wood) and 2 fishing rods (magnetic, in wood), domino game 9.5x5cm (28pcs, in cardboard) and memo game (32pcs, in cardboard), in fish box

$ 26.99

Wenno 30 Piece Animals Play Set. 

  • Assorted animal  figures in different colors ,realistic animal appearance, It's very fun and educational. Kids will enjoy hours of Imaginative play fostering an interest in science.
  • Perfect for party favors, birthday party games, educational purposes, party decoration, party favors, handouts or rewards. 

3 Set Available: Farm Animals, Dinosaurs and North America Animals

$ 13.99

30 Piece Gel Pen Set - Make It Real

This boxed set includes 30 gel pens plus over 100 color-in stickers

Pen styles included:

- 8 metallic
- 6 pastel
- 7 neon
- 2 rainbow
- 7 glitter

$ 15.99

3C4G Graffiti Light Up Journal with Rainbow Ink Pen

This notebook set is the perfect tool to encourage self expression and explore new ways to be creative.


Welcome to 3 CHEERS 4 GIRLS, everyday items for tween girls & all aspects of life!

As parents ourselves, we know that girls develop rapidly as they move from child to tween to teen. As budding young women, they are developing physical, social, and emotional skills that will help them succeed as the future leaders and makers of tomorrow.

At 3C4G, we're always thinking of new ways to keep our tweens full of creativity and endless possibilities! Each product was made to do just that. Unlock hidden potential, get creative, and just have fun!

$ 13.99

3C4G Quilted Locking Journal with Glitter Pen

Let your ideas shine with your very own lockable journal. It’s decked out in a pretty quilted design and comes with a perfect glitter pen.

This lockable journal comes with 1 lock and 2 keys to keep thoughts safe and sound! Use the glitter pen to doodle, jot down dreams, or scribble down secrets. The secret diary comes with 200 pages and is perfectly sized so she can take it wherever she goes.

The Quilted Locking Journal is a perfect stationery gift that will encourage girls to turn to their diaries instead of their phones to express themselves!

$ 2.99

Wenno 5 Piece Animal Figurines in Plastic Bag

Realistically detailed animal figurines inspire imaginative play and curiosity as learning toys, and makes the perfect novelty gift for kids ages 3 and up!

5 Piece animal sets features augmented Realty. Sets include Ocean Animals, Wild Animals, North America Animals, Dinosaurs, Insects, Farm Animals

$ 11.99

77 Ways to Play Tenzi Companion Pack to Tenzi 

Want more TENZI in your life? This expansion set features deck of 77 cards, each with a new, fun way to play TENZI.

3 Reasons why you will love this game and 77 ways to play card deck:

  1. It is a fast game so there is no time to get bored.
  2. There are more than 77 ways to play this game, now how cool is that!
  3. It teaches your child about odd and even numbers – it is like playing and learning at the same time.
$ 1.99
  • HEAVYWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION PAPER: 50 Sheets of assorted colors. Size 9 inches x 12 inches. Great paper for drawing, coloring, painting, all arts and crats. Construction Paper made from 50 lb stock paper.
  • COLOR ASSORTMENT PACK: 10 Colors included; White, Scarlet, Yellow, Black, Violet, Brown, Pink, Yellow-Orange, Holiday Green, and Blue.
  • PAPER PERFORMANCE: Smooth uniform finish. Paper folds cleanly, tears easily, and easy to cut. Holds and adheres well with glue. The paper is produced in a chemical-free pulping process.
  • CREATIVITY & EXPRESSION: Expression through art, connecting with others through creativity, group and classroom projects. Colors assorted to give more sheets of the colors that are used the most. Ideal for homeschool or home school use.
$ 14.99

99 More Buildzi Towers - Carma Games

Here's FIVE new types of tower cards with 99 more challenges for BUILDZI towers! Deal out these oversized cards and race to be first to stack - by Number, with one hand, 3D, by 'crazi-color (shape only), or 'flip-flop' (no colors at all). And when you don't want to play a speedy game, check out for some really crazy creations. Let the FUNZI begin! Buildzi blocks not included. For 2-4 players.

From Carma Games, for ages 6 yrs-adult

A Game of Thrones Hand of The King
$ 9.99$ 19.99

The king has called for a lavish feast and tourney the likes of which have not been seen in the Seven Kingdoms since the days of Aegon the Conquerer. What's more the king has declared that at this feast he will choose his new Hand and you have a chance of rising to this lofty position. Of course you're not the only one with eyes set on becoming the power behind the Iron Throne.

Hand of the King is a fast-paced card game of conspiracies and sudden twists of fate for two to four players challenging each of you to gain the most support among the twisted intrigues of the Kings Landing court.

Each turn you send Varys to do your bidding moving through the court and inciting iconic characters from A Song of Ice and Fire to support your cause. With the help of some companions and crafty alliances with other players you just might rise to become the king's new Hand! In more detail players move Varys in orthogonal lines in a 6x6 grid stopping it on a character token then collecting that token and any other character from that House that you passed over. Possess as many characters from a House as someone else and you claim the banner from that person.

A Game of Thrones Second Edition
$ 22.90$ 48.99
Based on the best-selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. Martin A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition lets 3-6 players take control of the great houses of Westeros in an epic struggle to claim the Iron Throne. The updated second edition brings a host of enhancements to your A Game of Thrones experience. It incorporates elements from previous expansions including ports garrisons Wildling cards and Siege engines while introducing welcome new innovations. Convenient player screens will hide your underhanded dealings from prying eyes while new Tides of Battle cards convey the uncertainty of war. This along with updated graphics and a clarified ruleset means the time has never been better to claim the Iron Throne.
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