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$ 5.99

Magic Treehouse #18 Buffalo Before Breakfast - Penguin Random House

Hello, buffalo! That’s what Jack and Annie say when the Magic Tree House whisks them and Teddy, the enchanted dog, back almost 200 years to the Great Plains. There they meet a Lakota boy who shows them how to hunt buffalo. But something goes wrong! Now they need to stop a thousand buffalo from stampeding!

Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid?

Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books

$ 5.99

Magic Treehouse Merlin Missions  #5 Carnival at Candlelight

The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system!

Jack and Annie head back in time to Venice, Italy in the 1700s. With the help of a research book, a book of magic rhymes, and a set of mysterious instructions from Merlin, the heroes will save the beautiful city from a flood!

Formerly numbered as Magic Tree House #33, the title of this book is now Magic Tree House Merlin Mission #5: Carnival at Candlelight.

Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid?

Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books

$ 26.99

0-9 Numbers and Shapes Magnatab - Playmonster

The Original Magnatab was designed with the Montessori learning style in mind, creating a sensory-based learning experience. Using the magnetic stylus, children follow the arrows to pull the beads up to the surface to make numbers and shapes. In doing this, they feel the pull of the magnets, hear their clicking sound, and see what they are drawing. The beads are magically “erased” when pushed down by the tip of a finger or the swipe of the side of the stylus. The tablet features easy storage for the magnetic stylus, which clicks securely into place. Great for use at home or in the classroom! Measures 7.5″ x 9″ x .75″.

$ 14.99

10 Hardcover – August 30, 2011
by Marion Bataille (Author)

A sensationally attractive package (chunky and substantial, with a bright red slipcase and cover) sets the stage for an inventive exploration of counting―from one to ten and back again, simultaneously. As the reader turns the pages, one becomes two and then three, as ten becomes nine and then eight. The numbers unfold and transform with breathtaking ingenuity. 10 is a beautiful book that belongs in all design and gift departments.

$ 9.99

1001 Things to Spot in the Sea

A colorful picture book brimming with things for children to find, count and talk about. Readers will delight in discovering the secrets of the sea, whether spotting whales on the horizon, looking for fish in a coral reef or searching for coins on a deep-sea dive. Helps develop vital word and number skills.

$ 9.99

1001 Things to Spot on the Farm - Usborne Books

This charming picture book shows scenes from farms around the world, and on every page, there are dozens of things to spot. The detailed pictures provide hours of looking and talking, and dedicated spotters will be unable to put the book down until they have found all the water buffaloes in the rice fields, the cocoa pods on the tropical farm, or eight lambs on the sheep farm. Counting sheep has never been so much fun!

Helps children develop skills in reading, counting, matching, and identification.

$ 4.99

12" Wooden Jacob's Ladder - Rhode Island Novelty

  • Wooden Jacobs ladder
  • Each piece shrink wrapped
  • Develop hand skills
  • Great for the classroom
  • Perfect game prize
  • Ages 3+
$ 56.99

15" Backgammon - John Henson Co

15" Backgammon Attache. A classic game that has been around for centuries with mass appeal for young and old. This backgammon set comes in an 15" attache case for travel or storage. The set comes complete with casino quality dice, two dice cups and movers.

$ 43.99

163 Piece Boltz STEM Builder Kit - USA Toys

Keep young minds stimulated with these hands-on learning toys for boys and girls; this 163-pc. building kit encourages logical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity with 2 toy ratchet and 161 BOLTZ building pieces. Use these interlocking gear toys to build create robots, vehicles, towers, and more; launch active engineering and learning for kids ages 3-4 with the included building guide, then watch older kids 5-7 tackle more advanced STEM toy structures. These unique educational toys introduce lifelong collaboration and sharing concepts at an early age; watch kids learn from each other as they make their imaginations come alive with these take-apart toys while honing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These are perfect for kids 3 years and up.

$ 39.99

2 Sided Black & Whiteboard, City by DAM LLC

Give your creativity free reign with this double-sided drawing board!

On one side you can let loose on the blackboard, while on the other you can color with markers and stick magnets on a fun city-themed or safari-themed Scratch drawing.

The magnetic board is designed so that it can easily be used on a table, and its user-friendly extension system handily allows you to set it up in three different positions.

You can become a true drawing champion thanks to this compact drawing board made of sustainable wood. 

  • Unique reversible wooden feet
  • Easy to set-up in various positions: high angle, low angle, flat on your lap
  • Stable
  • The magnetic side is not the usual white. Instead it has the Safari or the City decor
  • Feet fold flat, so easy to take along
  • Comes with colored chalk and a whiteboard marker


3 pcs chalk and 1 marker pen, in wood

$ 6.99

2-1 Simple Dimple Sensory Fidget Spinner - Umiad

2 in 1 Simple Dimple Fidget Toy, Push Pop Pop Bubble Fidget Spinner Anxiety Stress Relief Reducer Sensory Fidget Toys for Kids Adults.

PRODUCT DETAILS -Sensory Toys Party Popper Noise Maker. -Anxiety Stress Relief Pop Click toy -Suitable for adults and children Details: -Suitable for All Ages! & All sizes of hands -Safe and Durable -Perfect Gift -Fits your palm perfectly -Arm Exercise & Relieve stress -Fully reusable! -Easy to play with & Easy to carry. -Easy to clean -Comfortable to use

$ 14.99

2-In-1 Fidget Controller Pad Cube - UMAID

The Most Ergonomic, Easy To Use, Addictive Fidget Toy on the Market Today. The Game Pad Fidget Focus Toy is Small, Lightweight, Easy to Store in Your Pocket and Can Be Enjoyed Anywhere. Created to Ease Stress and Increase Concentration - Perfect for Sufferers of ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety. Ideal for Almost Anyone - Students, Office Workers, Artists, Time-Killers, Lovers of Classic Gaming and Everyday Fidgetier Product Highlights: The fidget toy is newly improved and has 11 functions to keep your fingers busy, focus on studying or working, The fidget controller pad can relieve anxiety and stress, Clicking, rolling, rubbing, and spinning are fun activities that help focus. Portable Pocket Size: Bring it anywhere and play anytime whether at your work, your home or on the road just keep yourself relax

$ 3.95
  • 100% latex-free and smudge-resistant eraser to keep your pages fresh
  • Clean finish is perfect for exams, essays and everyday writing--a trusted choice for standardized tests
  • Sharp corners and flat face help you erase both details and large areas
  • Classic design is ideal for everyone from students to serious artists
  • 100% latex-free and smudge-resistant eraser to keep your pages fresh
  • Sharp corners and flat face help you erase both details and large areas
  • Classic design is ideal for everyone from students to serious artists
$ 9.99

3 Water Brush Pens - Bright Stripes

Easy grip watercolor tools with a plastic tube container. Three different brush heads for easy blending and shading.

$ 32.99

3-in-1 Fishing Game by DAM LLC

Dive into Scratch’s lovely underwater world and discover three educational maritime games!

  1. Fishing game: Cast your fishing line to catch the loveliest wooden fish in the sea with your magnetic float. Count up the collected fish or the points on the back of the fish to figure out who’s won!
  2. Dominoes: Put on your swimming goggles and explore the underwater world as you look for twin fish and make a long ribbon of all the cards. Or flip all the cards over and place the ones with matching numbers of fish together.
  3. Pairs: Take turns flipping over two cards each and be the first to collect all the matching sea creatures.

Play these three challenging games by yourself or as a group and train your short-term memory.

For everyone aged 18 months and up.


12 fishes with points 6x4x0.5cm (magnetic, in wood) and 2 fishing rods (magnetic, in wood), domino game 9.5x5cm (28pcs, in cardboard) and memo game (32pcs, in cardboard), in fish box

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