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Active Outdoors

Active play allows children to explore the potential of their bodies and how to interact with the outdoors. Motor planning skills needed to explore gross motor activities are developed as kids navigate through nature.

Fun Fact: Movement can be an effective cognitive tool because physical activity strengthens learning, improves memory and enhances focus.

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Blue Orange Djubi Replacement Balls Blue Orange Djubi Replacement Balls
$ 9.99$ 12.99

Blue Orange Djubi Replacement Balls

Need a refill? No problem. Gutters. Dogs. Trees. As much as we hate it, there are many Djubi traps out there. For those times when you’ve lost a Djubi ball or two or just would like to have more, you can just refill your stash. Available in two sizes (4 large or 5 medium per pack), the Djubi refill packs are there when you need them.

$ 31.99
Its ping pong without the table! Attach a clamp to any doorframe, turn the dial to adjust the string length, and then swing your paddle to serve up hours of excitement. Active fun sends your skills soaring! 1 to 2 players. For ages 6+.
$ 26.99

Fat Brain Toys Swingin' Shoes Active Play for Ages 6 to 9

A topsy-turvy point-wranglin' challenge!

Players take turns tossing the rubbery horseshoes to try and ring them onto the suspended pole and platforms.

Land a Sitter with the horseshoe flat on a platform. Get a Ringer by ringing the horseshoe around the pole on any platform.

Or, score extra big by getting one of your horseshoes to HANG from one of the platforms!

Just keep in mind... With every toss, the whole thing swings more and more. Do you have the skills to wrangle the most points and win?

Hand-eye coordination is put to the ultimate test with the perilously pendulous game of Swingin' Shoes!

Swingin' Shoes
- Game of tossing horseshoes onto a suspended pole and platforms
- Encourages gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration
- An intensely topsy-turvey challenge!
- Land a Sitter for 1, 2, or 3 points
- Land a Ringer for 3 points
- Land a Hanger for 2, 3, or 4 points
- Play one-on-one or in teams
- Player or team with the most points after all horseshoes have been tossed wins
- Horseshoes are soft, rubbery, flexible, and safe
- Pole and platforms hang easily from any doorframe
- Includes pole with platforms, doorframe hanger, 8 horseshoes (4 orange, 4 green)
- Detailed game rules and instructions included
- High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay
Gel Blaster Gellets Gel Blaster Gellets
$ 6.99$ 9.99

Gel Blaster Gellets 

Our no mess, no clean-up Gellets™ burst on impact and evaporate in 30 minutes or less. Gellets™ are colorful, water-based beads that are an all-natural, non-toxic, water-based material, so you can blast them anywhere. Spend less time cleaning and more time having a blast!

Gel Blaster Hopper
$ 6.99$ 9.99

Gel Blaster Hopper

Be ready for a full scale attack with an extra hopper full of Gellets!

Kit Includes:

  • 800 Round Capacity Hopper with Storage Cap
  • Gray GB Replacement  Feedneck
$ 17.99
Covered with high-density foam, this timeless play set is perfect for beginning batters. Bat is 24in long and 3in in diameter to make hitting the 3.5in diameter ball easier. Assorted colors. 4 yr plus
LED Light Games Ring Toss by Tangle LED Light Games Ring Toss by Tangle
$ 21.99$ 33.99

LED Light Games Ring Toss by Tangle

Introducing the Tangle LightGames Ring Toss - a fun twist on a classic game. This unique game includes a sturdy base, four light-up rings, and five light up posts with replaceable batteries.

$ 37.99

Magnetic Disker Game by DAM LLC

This unique, original concept is a new addition to the popular Scratch active games.

Throw magnetic silicone disks at a round board to achieve the highest possible score.

Lay the board on the ground or fix it to the wall. Can be played alone or in a group.

The set consists of a round board and 3 disks. The game board handles make this game easy to take along.

Guaranteed endless fun, indoors or out!

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Super easy to play and score for kids 3 and up and grown-ups alike!

  • Easy to carry
  • Magnetic
  • Multiple play options: on the wall or on the floor
  • Beautiful designs
  • Silicone diskers, each with 3 built-in magnets


Magnetic Disker Board, 3 magnetic diskers, on blistercard

Three designs available: Dinosaur, Surfer & Salamander

$ 22.99

Pocket Swing - Hape

Once set up between two strong trees, it provides a fun swing or a place for children to sit. Made from polyester recycled from an average of three PET bottles.

* KIDS SWING: Get swinging when you¡¥re out in nature with this fun swing play set
* CHILDRENS HAMMOCK: Perfect swinging game for kids five years and up. This toy can be set up between two strong trees to create a secure swing for little ones under the supervision of an adult
* LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: When the day is over, simply take the swing down and stow it in the handy storage pouch. All components are lightweight, your kids will be able to carry this fun toy
* ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: This Pocket Swing is made from polyester recycled from an average of three PET bottles. Recycled polyester doesn¡¥t require new petroleum to create, lowering the demand for new petroleum extraction and reducing our overall carbon footprint
* CHILD SAFE: The Pocket Swing has been through extensive tests to ensure that they are safe for play with kids ages 5+

$ 26.99
These 30 inch back-cut applique diamonds have whimsical graphics and ageless appeal. A traditional favorite for all ages, our 30 inch Diamonds look as great for home decoration as they do in the sky. Size (W X L): 32 x 30 in. / 81 x 76 cm. Wind Range: 5 ~ 15 mph. Fabric: Nylon. Frame: Fiberglass and Hardwood Dowels. Line: Includes 300 ft. of 20 lb. Test Line and Winder. All 30 inch Diamonds include tails.
$ 38.99
Premier's 3-D Dragon Kites are fierce, friendly and fun to fly. Based on our Bird Kite platform, these kites are stable flyers and look amazing in the air. Size (w x h): Size: 70 x 70 in. / 178 x 178 cm. Wind Range: 8 - 18 mph. Fabric: Polyester. Frame: Fiberglass. Packaging: Fabric case with color header. Line: Includes 300 ft. of 50 lb. test line & winder.
$ 9.99
Based on the traditional Indian kite winder but made of modern materials. The Stake Winder feeds the line in and out easily and includes a snap swivel tied at the end of the line.
$ 58.99
Easy to launch and fun to fly, our Bird Kites feature bold colors and printed fabric. Size (W X L): 86 x 48.5 in. / 218.5 x 123.25 cm. Wind Range: 5 ~ 15 mph. Fabric: Ripstop Polyester. Frame: Fiberglass. Line: Includes 150 ft. 90 lb. Test Line & Winder. Packaging: Vinyl case with color header.
$ 29.99
Size (W X L): 52 x 37 in. / 132 x 94 cm. Wind Range: 5 ~ 18 mph. Fabric: Ripstop Nylon. Frame: Fiberglass. Line: Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line & Winder. Our Butterfly Kites are based on the proven Malay diamond platform. They feature a built-in dihedral fitting to automatically set the correct wind angles. Beautiful in the sky, the crafted appliqué and printed sails allow light from behind to delightfully light up the lovely art. In addition, Butterfly Kites are easy to fly and launch.
$ 32.99
The Premier Fantasy Flying Kites are excellent performers with simple bold graphics that can be easily seen from the ground. Exceptional in light to medium wind, these kites have been well tested to fly at high angles with easy handling. Size (W X L): 70 x 36 in. / 163 x 91 cm. Wind Range: 5 ~ 15 mph. Fabric: Ripstop Nylon. Frame: Fiberglass. Line: Includes 300 ft. 30 lb. Test Line & Winder. Easy to launch and fun to fly, our orange Dragon Kite, based on the Bird Kite platform, features bold colors and detailed applique work.
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