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When the kitchen table becomes Craft Central, you may not realize that your child is developing lifelong skills underneath all the paint and glitter. However, there are a number of important skills kids pick up from crafting. Here are just a few for each age! 

For Preschoolers...

1. Crafting helps develop fine motor skills.

The act of grabbing a crayon or paint brush develops the muscles that will later help preschoolers button their coat, tie their shoes, write, and more.

2. It boosts counting and pattern recognition.

Did you know that stringing beads is a great way to learn patterns and practice counting? Those are skills kids will use later on in algebra! Kid crafters can also practice their 1, 2, 3’s by counting the number of steps in the instructions or gathering the correct number of components they’ll need to complete their chosen project.

3. It teaches shapes and colors.

In our Klutz Jr. My Fantastic Foam kit, kids need to find and identify all of the different shapes and colors of foam pieces needed to make the picture they want from the idea book. This same thought process happens while your child is doing something as simple as coloring!

For Kids in Elementary School…

1.  Crafting encourages critical thinking.

The process of creating something naturally gets kids thinking about the final product, and the steps they need to take to get there. 

2.  It builds resilience.

It takes time to create something and it may not come out perfectly on the first try. Crafting helps kids understand that it’s okay to make a mistake and to first look for a solution rather than immediately getting frustrated.

3. It supports reluctant readers.

Reading instructions is still reading! Crafting also gives kids with busy hands something to focus on while they read the next step.

For Tweens and Teens...

1. Crafting supports self-esteem.

Crafting or doing something creative gives them a sense of confidence and pride. It’s the “Yeah, I made that!” effect.

2. It encourages a creative mindset.

Engaging in creative activities teaches that there are always multiple ways of completing the same task. 

Creative thinkers are able to think beyond simply “it works” and are more intellectually nimble in a world propelled by constant change. In fact, about 60 percent of CEOs polled in the 2010 IBM Global CEO study cited creativity as the most important leadership quality.

3. It develops patience.

We live in a world of instant gratification, but we know not everything is going to happen instantly. When kids craft, they may need to wait for things to dry or set before moving on to the next step — or understand that a craft may take more than one session to complete.

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$ 17.99

Studio Series Artists Paintbrush Set

Professional-quality artist's brushes are ideal for acrylic, watercolor, and other media!

  • Set of 12 brushes includes a versatile range of shapes and sizes for fine detail work, broad-area coverage, and texturing.

  • Set contains #2, #6, and #10 rounds. #14 angled shader. #8, #14, and #18 flats. #14 flat rake. #14 dagger. #2 fan. #8 and #14 filberts.

  • Soft nylon bristles retain their shape through painting and cleaning.

  • Double-crimped ferrules.

  • Mid-length handles.

  • For fine art and crafting alike!

  • To care for brushes: Wet brush before first use to remove protective glue. Rinse brushes periodically as you work to prevent paint from drying on bristles. Lay flat or stand with bristles up to dry. Do not leave brushes standing in water or store with bristles down, as this will damage them. When you finish painting, wipe brushes with cloth or a paper towel and rinse with lukewarm water until water runs clear with no trace of paint. Some pigments may stain brushes, which does not otherwise damage them. Use a small amount of mild soap if needed.

$ 17.99

Studio Series Watercolor Paint Set

Selected for optimal versatility, these watercolor tubes will suit artists from beginners to pros.

  • 24 colors include classic pigments and vivid hues for a wide range of mixing possibilities.
  • Great for traditional painting, design, art classes, illustration, watercolor lettering, and more.
  • 24 tubes, 12 ml each.
  • A full and versatile range of colors.
  • Clear, bright hues mix cleanly.
  • Smooth and even texture.
  • Paints dilute to high transparency.
  • Brilliant color in concentration.
  • Essential watercolor tips inside.
  • Box measures 8-7/8'' wide x 8-3/16'' tall x 5/8'' deep.
$ 3.99

Safety Scissors - Peter Pauper Press

Young children can safely practice fine motor skills and enjoy arts and crafts activities with these child-friendly scissors!

  • Use this set of colorful scissors to help your youngster learn to use scissors safely.

  • Set comes with 3 pairs of durable plastic scissors.

  • Child-friendly scissors have rounded blade tips for safety.

  • Scissors are sized specifically for little hands.

  • They are designed to cut only paper and craft materials.

  • Won't cut skin or hair.

  • Perfect for artwork and crafts projects at school and at home.

  • Ages 3 and up.

  • A note of caution: Edges are sharp. Adult supervision required.

  • Package measures 5.59'' wide x 8.26'' high.

$ 49.99

Tiny Ceramics Studio - Klutz

Make little bowls with big style!

An entire pottery workshop is inside this kit--wheel included! Learn hand-building techniques with clay using a turntable and miniature bowl molds. Let your creations air-dry, then paint them with vivid colors. Finally, glaze your pots, plates, bowls, and vases with clear glaze to get that artisanal finish.

$ 21.99

Magical Unicorn Science - Klutz

Explore science with everyone's favorite magical creatures!

Bring the unicorn sanctuary back to life! Build the island base, then conduct lots of experiments to create everything your unicorns need to thrive. Grow crystal rainbow trees and instant jelly flowers for their food. Make a color-changing waterfall to explore the chemistry of acids and bases. Get hands-on with magic mud to learn about non-Newtonian fluids (Oobleck) and use the crystal prism to create rainbows.

Dinosaurs Sticker Mosaic Craft Kit Dinosaurs Sticker Mosaic Craft Kit
$ 9.99$ 13.99

Dinosaurs Sticker Mosaic Craft Kit - DJECO

Djeco Art By Number Mosaic, Dinosaurs is fun and satisfying art project for kids! Embellish these dinosaurs with  shiny form blocks.  A set comes with an instruction booklet, self-adhesive shiny form blocks in 7 colors, 2 beautifully printed cardboards.

The World of Dinosaurs Multi Activity Craft Kit The World of Dinosaurs Multi Activity Craft Kit
$ 41.99$ 53.99
The World of Dinosaurs Multi Activity Craft Kit - DJECO
  • A Mega-Craft activity set to create your own dinosaur adventure; 3 cut out dinosaurs, 4 scratch art cards, sticker mosaics, watercolor painting, paper collage and art stamping; all described in step-by-step detail in a spiral bound instruction book
  • Create your own prehistoric world with this multi activity set, it’s hours of creative crafting fun as you explore a variety of art styles and methods by creating beautiful craft projects
  • Helps develop artistic expression, imagination, spatial relations, 3 dimensional visual reasoning and linear process thinking
  • All DJECO toys are made from the highest quality materials, completely non-toxic; meets and exceeds all US and European safety standards
  • An excellent gift for artistic boys and girls ages 6+

Butterflies Sticker Mosaic Craft Kit Butterflies Sticker Mosaic Craft Kit
$ 9.99$ 13.99

Butterflies Sticker Mosaic Craft Kit - DJECO

This super challenging mosaic activity set is nothing to thumb your nose at! Say goodbye to traditional foam squares that are sizeable and easy to handle - these picture cards take mosaic stickering to a whole new level with differently-sized foam triangles; and requires some serious tiling skill and a good amount of patience to complete!

Set includes 2 illustrated picture boards, sticky backed foam mosaic tiles and a detailed, illustrated instruction book.

Little Fairies Wands Craft Kit
$ 18.99$ 24.99

Little Fairies Wands Craft Kit - DJECO

A kit that has everything you need to create 4 fairy wands with wooden bases.

Perfect for ages 6 and up.

Multi Activity Fairy Box Multi Activity Fairy Box
$ 39.99$ 53.99

Multi Activity Fairy Box - DJECO

  • Possibly the most complete and comprehensive multi-craft kit ever assembled; paint, draw, glue, scratch cards, make 3D models
  • It’s all included as you experience and learn different creative craft techniques, all while you immerse yourself in the magical, whimsical world of make-believe fairies
  • It’s all in there; art board and paint, 4 scratch cards, precut animals to assemble, collage board and stickers, stamps and ink, triptych drawing and 3D sketching
  • Helps develop creativity, imagination, artistic skill, color sense, dexterity, problem solving and cognitive development
  • A great gift for boys and girls ages 6 – 10 years
Mosaics Space Battle
$ 18.99$ 24.99
Mosaics Space Battle - DJECO
  • It’s like paint by number, but with foam-backed, metallic sticker mosaics; create an outer space world with monsters, aliens and robots
  • There are 12 sheets of adhesive backed stickers and 4 pre-printed art boards. Follow the numbers, place the right sticker in the right space and create your mosaic masterpiece
  • Helps develop motor skills, sequencing, color and number recognition, composition and imagination
  • Made from the highest quality materials that meet and exceed all US and European testing standards
  • A great gift for artistic and creative boys and girls ages 5 –

Dinosaurs Activity Set Dinosaurs Activity Set
$ 18.99$ 24.99

Dinosaurs Activity Set. DJECO DIY Color. Assemble. Play. 

  • It’s coloring book meets building set in this creative craft kit. Color in the finely detailed animals, punch them out and put them together and play. It’s hours of engaging fun.
  • Use your imagination and creativity to create the most beautiful prehistoric dinosaurs, then put them together to make a play set. Which is your favorite dino?
  • All the parts are printed on heavy-weight cardboard and included in the step-by-step instruction book; add your own favorite markers and color away!
  • Helps develop creative expression, color sense, fine motor skills, dexterity, and storytelling
  • Made from the highest quality materials available; for creative kids ages 5+
Multi-Activity Craft Kit - The Flower Garden Multi-Activity Craft Kit - The Flower Garden
$ 39.99$ 53.99

Multi-Activity Craft Kit - The Flower Garden - DJECO 

Create a magical garden with this Multi Activity Flower Garden Craft Kit. It will provide hours of fun as your little one explores a variety of art styles and methods. This kit includes paper arts, scratch art garlands, sticker mosaics, watercolor painting, paper collage, stamps, and more!

The Gentle Life of Fairies - Glitter Craft Kit
$ 17.99$ 23.99

The Gentle Life of Fairies - Glitter Craft Kit - Djeco

“Paint” with glitter; peel back the die cut paper on the picture board to expose the adhesive layer and pour and brush on the vibrantly colored glitter. With a paint-by-number feel, create the 4 partially illustrated fairies with the 6 colors of sparkling glitter, each board is 6 x 8 inches. Contains 4 adhesive art boards, 6 glitter tubes, special peeling tool, a brush and a beautifully illustrated instruction and inspiration book. Develops fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, design, color composition, and storytelling; comes in a book-like box to keep everything together.

A great gift for clever crafters ages 6+

Make Your Own Birdhouse
$ 19.99$ 27.99

Make Your Own Birdhouse - Mindware

Invite local birds to your yard with a bird house you make and decorate yourself! Made of thick pine boards that slot together for easy construction, this sturdy birdhouse is designed for outdoor use. The full-color guide includes instructions, painting tips, and advice on how to attract birds to your birdhouse as well as facts about the birds that you may see.

• An outdoorsy MYO craft that can be enjoyed year-round
• Sparks interest in bird watching and natural science
• Engages creativity, fine motor skills and DIY building basics
• Sturdy pine construction for long-lasting final product measuring approximately 8” wide x 7” tall
• Includes 9 solid-wood pre-cut birdhouse pieces, 13 paints, wooden hanging hook, twine, 2 paintbrushes, craft glue, instructions and guidebook

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