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Children are natural scientists because they are full of questions about the world around them and fostering this sense of inquiry is invaluable. Science is based on the principles of observing, predicting, experimenting and interpreting to form conclusions.

Fun Fact: STEM skills (science, technology, engineering & math) are becoming imperative as education employs more technology based learning. Play makes STEM fun!

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$ 26.95

A Photicular Book- Ocean:

A New York Times bestseller, Ocean is like being on a dive. Using Photicular technology, each image is like a 3-D movie on the page, delivering a rich, fluid visual experience. Open the book, and the reader is swept into the magic of an underwater world, face-to-face with a floating Yellow-Banded Sweetlips; with a glow-in-the-dark Deep-Sea Anglerfish; with a Sea Horse swaying in balletic motion; with a Sand Tiger Shark gliding along the ocean floor, its gaze haunting, its hook-toothed mouth gulping open and closed.

The text by Carol Kaufmann enchants with its descriptions of coral reefs; a journey on Alvin, the 17-ton submersible; and a meditation on our oceans. Then, for each creature, she writes a lively and informative essay, along with vital statistics—size, habitat, range, diet, and more.

The Photicular process uses an innovative lenticular technology, sliding lenses, and original four-color video imagery. The result is like a movie in your hands—the dance of life in a book.


$ 16.99

Brainstorm Toys Massive Magnet - Small Foot

  • STEM MADE FOR FUN: This Massive Magnet designed for small hands and curious minds
  • FUNCTIONAL: Separate North and South Poles with loads of lifting power
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Magnet is case in a durable bright red plastic which is hard to lose or damage. Perfect for school kids
  • Magnet dimensions: 7.5" H x 7.5" W
  • Brainstorm Toys is Distributed by Legler Toys USA
  • Designed and suitable for ages 3+ years
$ 6.99

Break Your Own Moroccan Geodes have beautiful crystals on the insides! Fun for the little rock hounds or future geologists in your family!

2 geodes per bag

Catapult Kit
$ 31.99$ 39.99

Catapult Kit - Copernicus Toys

Fling small objects across your room  as Leonardo da Vinci intended. This kit brings his sketches into reality. Everything you need to build is included: Precut wood pieces and easy to follow instructions. 10x7.5x2” box
Ages 14 +
$ 6.99

Dinosaur Slid Show

Mini projector with 3 discs for a total of 24 Dinosaur images to view! Or use without the discs as a great little flashlight! Batteries included.

Diplodocus, MOJO
$ 23.99$ 31.99

Diplodocus - MOJO

Mojo Fun - Highly detailed and hand painted Animals, Birds, Sea Life and Dinosaurs. The word Mojo literally means "inner magic". Mojo's aim is to awaken that inner magic in everyone, to reveal the child that lies within us all.

This Diplodocus is a high quality toy hand painted with kid safe non-toxic paint. Perfect for the imaginative play for young children and for school projects.Mojo Animals help you bring nature to life! Full to the brim with character and detail these toy figures come in a variety of sizes and styles from Dinosaurs and Fantasy to Wildlife and Pets there's an Animal for everyone! Perfect for learning, play and collection the only limit is your imagination. Start your Mojo animal collection today. We believe that quality and safety are the most essential elements needed to create toys that would not only inspire a child’s imagination, they would forever have a special place in their hearts. All our toy figurines are educational grade, hand painted, highly detailed true to life and made with the highest specifications using the finest and safest materials, regularly tested to ensure safety and quality. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Figure measures 11" long by 5" tall.

Part of the Prehistoric Series by Mojo.
The art work and detail are beautiful on this hand painted figure.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

E-Blox The Island Story Blox E-Blox The Island Story Blox
$ 24.99$ 49.99

E-Blox The Island Story Blox

 The Island is a chapter in the E-Blox® novelette "Earth One"  

Follow the adventures of Seymour and his robot Robyn as he investigates a mysterious light in the distant ocean horizon. The storybook includes QR codes that create an interactive learning environment using online resources. Models are built in several parts of the story with the over 100 included parts, further enhancing the learning experience.

$ 9.99
eeBoo Flash Cards
  • For ages 7 and up
  • Self-checking
  • 46 cards
  • Card size: 4.25" x 5.75"

Learn to multiply whole numbers with this flash card set! An activity to promote mastery of fundamental math facts. Helpful illustrations guide basic counting, color-coded borders for easy sorting.


    Fossil Card
    $ 3.99$ 6.00

    Fossil Card - Copernicus Toys

    This fossil card is for all the young paleontologists!   These lovely specimens cards have been curated for maximum enjoyment and learning. You know the old saying “A happy paleontologist will dig your store”.

    Gems of the USA
    $ 3.99$ 7.99

    Gems of the USA - Copernicus Toys

    A great starter sample for the little geologist. 16 semi-precious gemstones of the U.S. on a 4 x 6 inch card.

    $ 1.99
    • The 5 Fossil replicas are sold individually
    • Replicas are: Raptor Claw, Ammonite, Shark Tooth, T-Rex Tooth and Trilobite
    • Great for use in classrooms, young paleontologists and gifts
    • You also get a sheet of paper that includes the description of the fossils 
    $ 19.99

    GeoSafari Jr Kidnoculars - Learning Resources

    The Big Idea
    The only binoculars designed specifically for little kids! Enlarged focus-free eyepieces-more than three times the size of ordinary binoculars-and perfect-fit goggles with placement guide enable kids (even toddlers) to see up close!

    Psst...They're Learning!

    • Encourages nature and bird watching
    • Learning time exploration
    • Fun introductory science tool

    Cut to the Chase

    • Kid-friendly binoculars, perfect for the youngest explorers
    • Focus-free, 2x magnification
    • Enlarged eye pieces and foolproof placement goggles
    • Breakaway neckstrap
    • Built kid-tough and designed to last for years
    $ 29.99

    GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope - Learning Resources

    The Big Idea
    Designed by a scientist and mother of two preschoolers, My First Microscope allows kids to see a magnified hidden world with ease! This fully functional microscope is a real working science tool with two extra-large eyepieces and a chunky, kid-sized focusing knob. A bright LED with easy push-button action lights up details for even more discoveries.

    Psst...They're Learning!

  • Encourages scientific exploration
  • Rewards curiosity
  • Introduces kids to a key scientific tool

  • Cut to the Chase
  • A microscope designed with preschoolers in mind
  • View anything at up to 8x magnification
  • Part of the award-winning GeoSafari Jr. line of toys

    $ 72.99

    GeoSafari MicroPro 95 Piece Microscope Set

    The Big Idea

    Magnify your mind! Young scientists can investigate everything from cells to crystals with this 95-piece microscope. The set includes all the tools kids need to create their own specimen slides and view them at up to 600x magnification.

    Psst...They're Learning!

    • Provides fun introduction to a real science tool
    • Includes safe and fun science experiments and activities
    • Promotes self-discovery

    Cut to the Chase

    • A powerful 95-piece microscope set
    • Microscope offers 50x, 100x, 150x, 300x, and 600x magnifications
    • Perfect for home or classroom use
    • Part of the award-winning Geosafari® line
    • Light requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
    $ 19.99

    Gross Anatomy: Make Your Own Squishy Human Body - Thames and Kosmos

    A squishy heart! Colorful lungs! Brains made of … putty?! Anatomy has never been so fun! With the Gross Anatomy science kit, you can learn all about the human body and its vital organs by making your own squishy, slimy models of them. Mix up colorful slime mixtures and pour them into the included molds to make some of the human body’s major organs: the heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and liver. Then, arrange your squishy creations in a clear plastic torso to visualize where they fit in your body. Next, use the included colorful putty and brain stamp to cut out a squishy brain model as you learn fascinating science facts about this important organ. You can even pretend to be a doctor by experimenting with a safe plastic scalpel for a fun, mushy, hands-on learning experience!

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