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The toddler/preschool stage of a child’s development is important as young brains grasp concepts that lay the foundations for future learning. Curiosity soars. Mobility and independence increase, as well as language and the ability to understand social cues.

Fun Fact: Large muscles develop before small muscles which is why holding a pencil comes after learning to run.

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Hang a Name Header Firetruck
$ 3.99$ 6.99

Hang-A-Name Starter, Fire Truck

Hang your Hang-A-Name or Growth Stick from our Fire Truck Starter. Starter is printed on high quality birch plywood affixed to a pine hanging block with a keyhole slot for hanging from a screw or nail (not included). Fire Truck measures approximately 4-1/2" wide by 3-1/8" high.

$ 5.99

Hereford cattle rank among the most famous and popular cattle breeds throughout the world. These cattle are good-natured as well as undemanding and are considered excellent food converters.

Hereford cattle are one of the most widely spread beef cattle breeds throughout the world. They are considered to be robust, undemanding and favored due to the high quality of their meat. This cattle breed originates from England and was there used as working animals in the 17th century. Hereford cattle are suitable for yearlong free-range breeding. They are considered to be outstanding food converters as well as good-natured and uncomplicated farm animals.

Fun fact

Since this breed is very adaptable, Hereford cattle feel comfortable with almost every climate.

$ 5.99

Huskies are a highly active, energetic breed of dog whose ancestors came from extremely cold and hostile areas of Siberia.

As passionate sled dogs, Huskies love to be out in the open, wild nature. It is no wonder they are known as true escape artists. They slip easily from their collar, jump high fences with ease or dig their way out underneath them. The Husky is by nature simply a great adventurer who wants to explore the world. Unfortunately, they often get lost, which is why you should always keep an eye on them. 

You rarely hear huskies bark, but they do howl frequently.

$ 10.99

Manhattan Toys Pull-Back Speedy Jet

Pull it back, then watch it go! Manhattan Toy pull-backs are great fun for everyone!

$ 3.99

Melissa & Doug Color-A-Mats and Write-A-Mats

Add a dash of educational excitement to mealtime! This double-sided write-on, wipe-off placemat features education parents love and images kids love! Kids can trace plus color images.
It's perfect for travel, restaurants, waiting rooms - Anywhere!


  • Write-on wipe-off alphabet placemat
  • Encourages letter-learning, writing skills, creativity
  • Features illustrations to put each letter into context
  • Measures 17.25 x 11.25 inches
  • Includes one placemat - Writing/coloring utensils not included
  • Quality materials - Lasting durability

    • $ 3.95

      Peter Pauper Press Flashcards, Colors & Shapes Flashcard. Peter Pauper Press Color and Shapes. Can you name each color and shape? This fun set of Colors and Shapes Flash Cards will help get your child started on the right track!

      • Cards are double-sided. Basic shapes are depicted on 8 cards, along with the printed name of the shape. On the other side, shapes appear without names.
      • The other 8 cards feature colors with corresponding names on one side, and colors with names and related pictures on the other.
      • Flash cards help your child learn basic skills and concepts.
      • They're ideal for reviewing and practicing.
      • Perfect for on-the-go learning, too!
      • Pack includes 36 cards.
      • Heavyweight coated card stock.
      • Cards have rounded corners for reduced wear and easy handling.
      • Ages 3 and up.
      • Flash cards measure 3.13'' wide x 4.63'' high.
      • Flash card box measures 3.17'' wide x 4.67'' high x .67'' deep.
      • Note: Colors and Shapes Flash Cards are also available as part of a 4-Pack Flash Cards Set from Peter Pauper Press.
      $ 8.99
      Rhinoceroses are large, heavy-hoofed animals. Their horns are not made of bone, but out of a material similar to that of our finger nails and hair.

      The rhinoceros is a huge animal with fearsome horns. Nevertheless, it is a passionate herbivore. With the horns, it defends itself against hyenas, fights against rivals or digs up tasty roots. Although the skin of the rhino looks very thick, it is actually very thin and delicate, just like the skin of elephants. To cool off and avoid sunburn, it wallows in the mud. You often see small birds on rhinos, hopping around and pecking. They free the rhinos of annoying parasites. 

      The horn of a rhinoceros can grow to up to 1.5 metres in length.
      $ 29.99

      Roll Again Sorter by Fat Brain Roll, CLUNK, discover!

      The gradually widening track propels the balls forward fast until suddenly they drop, perfectly, gracefully into their matching colored slots.

      Meanwhile, fine motor skills are bolstered and an understanding of size and color is fortified - Plus, the balls all have built-in rattles for an extra twist of sensory fun!

      Simple fascination inspires hours of exploration with the RollAgain Sorter.

      RollAgain Sorter

    • An innovative twist on the classic fun of size sorting
    • Encourages fine motor skills, sorting skills, sequencing, exploration, experimentation
    • Simple yet powerfully intriguing
    • Widening track propels balls forward
    • Balls feature built-in rattles for extra sensory excitement
    • Balls naturally drop directly into their matching slots
    • Includes sorter, 4 balls
    • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability and safety

    • $ 26.99
      Schleich Barrel racing with Cowgirl

      • DETAILED & REALISTIC. Crafted with precision and authentic detail to create a lifelike toy that teaches and inspires toddlers and kids of every age; helps introduce children to animals. From the first sketch to the intricate finishing touches, we see value in every detail.
      • HEALTHY IMAGINATIVE PLAY. The Barrel racing with cowgirl from Schleich is carefully designed to inspire safe and creative pretend play for children as both a single toy or part of a larger collection.
      • PART OF A GROWING PLAY WORLD. The Barrel racing with cowgirl is part of the Farm World collection of figurines and playsets from Schleich. Great for gifting, this playset can stand alone or fit into a larger, modular play world. The Farm World Vet Practice with Pets is an excellent accompaniment.
      • BUILT TO LAST. As an 85-year-old German toy company, we are committed to manufacturing realistic toys with the highest standard of quality and safety for years of durable play and collectability. All products and the materials used meet or exceed the strictest applicable national and international toy safety requirements.
      • EXPERT APPROVED. “Schleich playsets and figurines inspire kids to play imaginatively: an essential part of healthy childhood development so often overlooked in today’s fast-paced world.” - Dr. Sandra Stone, open-ended play expert
      $ 8.99

      Schleich Cheetah, Female

      Active during the day, cheetahs reside in the same areas as the nighttime hunters, Schleich Cheetah, Female lions and leopards. While the cubs live with their mother, adult males live together in small groups. The secret of the cheetah´s speed is in its backbone, nostrils, tail and claws. Long and flexible, this bone stretches and contracts like a spring as it sprints across the savannah. It's large nostrils allow for more oxygen intake. Helping steer, its long tail serves as a rudder, and its claws act as cleats. Preying on gazelles and antelope, the mother cheetah has to make a kill every day to feed her young. Used to blend in with tall grasses, the cheetah has black spots on its tan body, but its tail is covered with stripes. Fun Facts: Faster than most sports cars, the cheetah can reach speeds of almost seventy miles per hour from a dead stop in three seconds.

      $ 8.99

      Explore the wild with the Giraffe Female, a fun, educational toy figurine from Schleich! This 1.654" x 3.543" x 6.772" toy is authentically detailed, and is ideal for hours of imaginative play. The Giraffe Female is part of Wild Life, where brave Ranger Tom and his sidekick meerkat Ted travel the world and record their animal encounters in a journal. Ranger Tom travels in many different vehicles, including a helicopter, truck, and quad bike! Where will they go next? Come join the adventure!  Ideal for pre-school children aged 3-8.

      Schleich® is a German toy company, and we bring realism to a new level. Our high quality, immersive playworlds open up a world of imaginative possibilities to toddlers and kids through safe and educational play. A

      ll Schleich products are carefully designed to inspire healthy and creative pretend play for children as both a single toy or part of a larger collection. All products and the materials used meet or exceed the strictest applicable national and international toy safety requirements. We are the world’s leading figurine company, and currently offer six different themed worlds and over 300 products designed to teach and inspire kids as they move through developmental stages. From the realistic worlds of Farm World, Wild Life and Horse Club to the mystical realms of bayala® and Eldrador® Creatures, we put The World in Your Hands.

      $ 22.99

      Schleich Rainbow Unicorn, Mare

      It is said that rainbow unicorns can perform magic and heal people.
      This family of rainbow unicorns lives on a grassy plain by the rainbow river. In the light of the morning sun, the manes of the three magical creatures gleam in all the colours of the rainbow. Like most unicorns, they are very shy. The handful of lucky individuals who have seen them report that they are incredibly colourful and graceful. And they tell tales of gemstones in all the colours of the rainbow that adorn the flanks of the magical unicorns. Many mysterious tales are told about these creatures – and nobody knows whether the tales are true. But all the tales agree that the rainbow unicorns are incredibly beautiful and magical creatures.

      $ 29.99

      Take care if you are travelling through the icy wastes – because a fearsome dragon, known as the Ice Hunter, is lurking there. Invisible and silent, it creeps up – and then attacks.

      In the dazzling white of the icy wastes, the most dangerous creature in the world bursts out of the ice: a blue dragon – swift as a blizzard, but far more dangerous. It creeps up almost silently – before letting out a blood-curdling shriek that makes its victims freeze with terror. Its deadly breath turns everything to ice and its terrible claws and teeth rip anything that gets in its way to shreds. Take care if you are travelling through the icy wastes – because the fearsome Ice Hunter is lurking there.

      Fun fact

      The Ice Hunter’s breath turns everything to ice.

      $ 12.99
      Roll into more building fun! 6 metal balls to add to your SmartMax set.

      SmartMax allows children to explore magnetism safely. Oversized SmartMax pieces are specifically designed for handling by young kids. Older children will have fun using the pieces to construct towers and bridges. 

      Learn about magnetic attraction and repulsion through play. The magnets are strong enough to carry up to 60 times their weight! 

      This set is an extension set only. It is made as an add-on to the SmartMax Basic Sets. 

      This set includes : 
    • 6 additional metal balls
    • $ 6.99

      Smart Toys & Games SmartMax My First Animals

      SmartMax animals is designed for kids ages 1- 5 years, offering an early, safe, and fun introduction to magnetic discovery. Compatible with all other SmartMax pieces.

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